Enterprise cloud solutions for Supplier Quality Assurance

Quality Cloud

Create a framework for Quality Planning and management of quality in daily operations, customer concerns management, Inspections & PDI, Audit NC management, Gauge calibration and many more.

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Productivity Cloud

Create a framework for Productivity management, Man and Machine efficiency, Equipment wise OEE, Production process losses analysis, MIS and KRA monitoring.

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Maintenance Cloud

Create a framework for maintenance management including Preventive Maintenance, Breakdown maintenance and Downtime analysis, MTBF/MTTR, Maintenance MIS and KRA's.

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SSP Cloud

Create a framework for effective customer supplier coordination for customer concern raising, tracking of resolution by supplier and approval of the action taken by suppliers. Monitor overall suppliers responsiveness.

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Audit Cloud

Create a framework for process and system compliance monitoring though effective multi team and multi location audit process management for audit planning, audit execution and NC resolution monitoring.

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Kaizen Cloud

Create a framework for driving kaizen continuous improvement initiative in multiple partner teams & creating a knowledge base for all partner teams to enhance replication though learning by sharing.

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Cloud Based Solutions

Being cloud based, users are freed from all investments on servers, softwares and necessary IT infrastructure and asssociated human resources for maintenance

World Class Framework

Systems are conforming to best practices followed by leading manufacturers and in adherence with globally accepted international standards and practices

Sustain Best Practices

Helps in implementation of best practices in Quality, Cost and Delivery. Moreover these practices are sustained irrespective of manpower changes. Helps in data management

Ready to Implement

Being cloud based, these systems are ready to use and implement. There is no gestation period and you start getting return on your investment from day one

System Based Working

With OpExWorks you start working on system based working rather than person based working. Systems remain in place and functional in spite of high attrition

Acquire New Customers

Showcase your commitment to lean and world class manufacturing through deployment of these systems for achieving excellence in Quality, Cost & Delivery and acquire new customers.