Child Parts Inspection System

Realtine collaboration with suppliers

Facilitates real time collaboration with supplier through e mail alerts for any rejection or entire lot rejection, there by reducing time to action and time to resolution of issues is any with incoming parts quality.

On line PDI submission by suppliers

Getting PDI report from suppliers has always been a big task. With OpEx CPI, the PDI moves from suppliers inspection data to customers incoming database seamlessly and paperless. All suppliers PDI are now is same formart and PDI is enforced.

Supplier Process Capability

With supplier inspection data now available through online PDI submission, the same sata is used to derive suppliers process capability without any additional data entry. Process capability indices, Graphs and Reports are generated.

Quality Performace of suppliers

Generates analytics of supplier quality performace at three levels, Supplier Level, Part Level and Defect Pehnomenon Level. Many report and grapsh depicting suppplier's quality performance are generated.

Factual Data in Real Time

In OpEx CPI, all reports are generated from root inspection data entered at inspecting parts by inpsector. This data is a factual data from actual inspection. No other data entry is required for decision support analytics or reports. Hence always a true picture is available.

Notifications and alerts in real time

Variety of alerts are generated for inspection status, gauges calibration, raw material inspection, layout inspection, daviation validity. Alerts are generated for events due and overdue. Recipients of these alerts are configurable and can include internal and external stake holder including suppliers