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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

1. What sort of hardware and software setup is required to operate OpExWorks Solutions ?

OpExWorks solutions are cloud based which means the software and databases are hosted on servers in cloud. This eliminates any need of special servers and software's at customers end. What customers require is only a computer with internet connection to operate the software.

No specific hardware or software is required to operate OpExWorks Solutions

2. Does this system need a dedicated user who is reasonably qualified person ?

All opexworks solutions are developed user friendly. Operating opexworks solutions is easy and is done by people working on actual work in plant, No separate and dedicated person is required for operation. Presently you are also recording this data but on paper. With opexworks solution, the data is directly entered in the system, thereby providing for analysis, reporting and decision support.

3. How to prepare master database for the system ?

To begin with implementation of any system, master databases are required. Opexworks do not require any special master data. This data is only relating to you plant, equipment, parts and products. All required master data is available with you in some or the other form.

For master database, opexworks is sharing excel templates with you. All you need to do is provide all available master data in these excel templates. Our back office support team then will build your master databases from this excel templates and give a ready to use system for you.

4. What kind of support is provided by OpExWorks Solutions ?

OpExWorks provides a complete hand holding experience to customers. Right from master data preparation to successful implementation. To educate users we have set of self explaining videos which provides one to one training experience to users.

To address any issue faced by customers in operation of system, our back office teams are always available on phone / email. If any issue need to access users systems then that support is provided by taking remote access of users computer. Normally all necessary support is provided on the same day.

5. What should we do when the user changes as attrition rates are high ?

This is a common problem faced by all manufacturing units especially SME's. When the user leaves the organization, new users are not familiar with the system and need to be educated. For this purpose, opexworks provides a set of self learning videos on all modules of the software. The total time duration of self learning videos is well over 25 hours. Users can view these self learning videos as per their requirements, priorities and at their convenient time. With this facilities new users get systems awareness quickly.

6. How these solutions help in acquiring new customers ?

When a large manufacturing units is on a look out for new suppliers, they look for the reliability of operations and commitment of management for operational excellence. Customers what their suppliers to align with their vision and become partners in progress instead of just being a supplier.

With implementation of opexworks solution, you will be able to demonstrate availability of robust frame of operation which remains stable even with attrition and show case your efforts on operational excellence journey. This will help is securing customers confidence in no time.

7. How OpExWorks Solution helps in reducing cost of operations ?

Timely actions monitoring, real time alerts and decision support are the three biggest advantages of opexworks solutions.

The closed loop quality issues resolution cycle encourages prompt actions to eliminate any internal or customer's concerns which reduces defects and their reoccurrences.

Productivity module helps in monitoring the losses in production process and efficiency of operation.

Maintenance modules ensures that timely maintenance is done which reduces equipment downtime and breakdowns.

All module features enable management to ensure that activities are done in proactive manner reducing defects, losses in operation and equipment downtime. Together these achievements save a big money in overall operations cost which directly increases your profitability.

Indirect benefit is increase in customer confidence, higher business volumes and priority consideration for new business.

8. How the data security is ensured ?

Every opexworks account is protected by User ID and Password, allowing access to authorised users only. Password is forced to change periodically.

Our databases are hosted on highly protected servers and server access is controlled by encrypted keys.

Down the line Opexworks will store the data in encrypted form so that it is readable only by software and rendered useless when fetched directly from database.

9. How OpExWorks solutions are effectively free of cost to customers ?

The per month cost of operations of opexworks solutions is very less and over & above this less price it yields in big saving in operational cost. As most of the data is stored on line it is a big saving in stationary and printing cost.

Moreover opexworks solutions supports online coordination with customers with exchange of data. This reduces number of visits to customers place by your team which is big saving as travelling and conveyance cost will not be incurred. Man hours are also saved if visits to customers place are reduced, the same man hours can be used for more productive work.

All data and records are retained online and in electronic form which facilitates easy retrieval, analysis and decision support. Here also large number of man hours are spent in record keeping and analysis / decision support. All these man hours are saved with implementation of opexworks solutions.

In all, opexworks solutions are available to you free of cost or in fact will save you more money than the annual cost along with computerization of all daily operations.

10. How can I operate software from multiple locations ?

As the software is cloud based, it is operated over the internet. Hence the software is accessible from anywhere on a laptop or a tablet. This gives a good management control to owners / management as they normally find difficult to be on their seats and are moving for customer coordination or business development.

11. How our investment in opexworks solution will assist in sustaining our operational framework ?

OpExWorks solution creates a framework of operations at your plant which is based on worldwide industry standard manufacturing practices. This framework is acceptable to all major manufacturers across the globe.

By implementing this framework you become a part of main stream manufacturing. You can consider supplying to any customer in any country as they too are using same or similar manufacturing practices.

Once you start getting the benefits of this operational excellence framework, you become habitual and part of this framework for your long term operational excellence journey. Your long terms goals will start looking short term goals.

12. Why operational excellence is necessary for long term survival of manufacturing units ?

World over, there is a scenario that though production volumes and variety / models both are increasing , number of suppliers are being reduced to facilitate easy coordination with less parties. Many times vendor rationalization activities are done by large manufacturing companies based on vendor competencies.

Vendors are often eliminated where ever alignment with customer vision is not observed. Customer always prefer vendors to be their partners in progress.

It is very necessary for vendors to embrace modern manufacturing practices and use IT systems to monitor their operations and commit themselves to continuous improvement.