Kaizen Network  

Kaizen Submission by Supplier's / Units

Each supplier or unit on the kaizen network is given a user ID and password to access kaizen network and upload their kaizens. Kaizen data is entered stage wise and kaizen idea sheet is obtained as a report. Each unit can enter / update their kaizen but it can only view kaizens of all other participating units.

Shared Kaizen Bank, Learning by sharing

All kaizen submitted by participating units are stored as a kaizen bank with a complex search provisions. This can kaizen bank is a sharable resource with all units and each selected kaizen can viewed in the form of kaizen idea sheet promoting learning by sharing.

Acceptance, Approval and Evaluation

Kaizen network coordinator at your end is having an authority on supplier's kaizen acceptance, approval for completion and evaluation on your decided criteria. Once evaluated the kaizen is rated on point system which can be used for kaizen ranking.

Kaizen rating and rewards

A configurable kaizen evaluation and rating framework is available. With this you can decide the parameters on which the kaizen points can be awarded. This can be associated with the reward system for encouraging employee participation in continuous improvement movement.

Organize online Kaizen Competitions

Normal in premise kaizen competition has limitation by virtue of number of participants, kaizen submission and sharing. With this kaizen network, all units can participate in online contest which increases participation, Kaizen can be evaluated and rated for ranking, Moreover kaizen data remains sharable kaizen bank

Improved replication potential

As the kaizen bank is a sharable resource which can be viewed by all units. The units can adopt the kaizen as appropriate and deploy as a ready proven solution. There is no need to reinvent the wheel by every unit. This helps in enhancing the horizontal deployment and sharing the benefits with all participating units.