Maintenance Management System

Preventive Maintenance

Facilitates planning of maintenance activities with master data of equipments, PM activities with periodicity and schedules for preventive maintenance. Generates reports on PM planned against completed.

Breakdown Maintenance

Recording breakdowns, their analysis and completion with downtime calculation. Provision for entry of spares and manpower used in breakdown. Further, it also maintains the equipment wise history with reports and graphs for MIS and KRA.

MTBF and MTTR Analysis

Generates MTBF, MTTR and % downtime analysis data with reports and graphs. These are generated using the breakdown data without any additional data entry. Trend analysis graphs for MTBF, MTTR and % downtime.

Maintenance MIS and KRA

Generates reports on maintenance planned and completion with backlogs, downtime analysis, KRA analysis and mainteance cost. Analysis is possible breakdown phenomenon wise for better analysis and control.

Why Why analysis and Kaizen

Take actions on maintenance elimination by way of why why analysis followed by a kaizen to eliminate the causes of breakdowns. Here again user enters data at various stages of kaizen and gets kaizen idea sheet as a report, Maintains a bank of all maintenance related kaizens.

Maintenance Audits and NC resolutions

User can carry out audits for Fire, safety, energy or any safety related audit with standard checksheet. It records non conformities during the audit and follows up for resolution with the help of generated reports. Keep your plant safe , and Protect customer’s confidence.