OpExWorks Solutions

Quality Management System

Quality Planning Documents

This module helps in maintaining the documents of Process flow chart, Process FMEA and Control Plan with revision management. These documents are made as per standard formats of AIAG.

Quality Concern Management

Registers the internal quality concerns along with any customer concerns and these concerns are analyzed with appropriate analysis tools. Lastly, on the basis of analysis further improvement opportunities can be planned in order to eliminate this concern from occurring again

Customer Concern Analysis

Tools like 6W 2H, Why Why analysis, 8 D are available for concern's analysis. These tools guide the users through further analysis stages and can be used even if the user is not familiar with the process


Makes user to walk through the kaizen process starting from theme registration, Data Entry at various stages, and lastly, delivers the kaizen idea sheet. The Bank of completed kaizens is created.


Assists the user through CAPA registration process, data entry at various steps and also with all the corrective and preventive action points entries. A bank of all completed CAPA is maintained.


Makes the user familiar with every stage of Pokayoke process. It maintains the bank of implemented Pokayoke and also generates the summary sheet

Audits and Non conformities

Helps in creating master check sheets of various audits, recording non conformities during the audit along with responsibility assignment and also generates various reports on non conformities resolution monitoring.

Inspection and PDI

Offers the facility for data recording of final inspection of parts with their defect phenomenon. There is a provision to create a PDI (Pre delivery inspection) report for submission with invoice.

Gauge Calibration

Creates master data of all gauges and maintain the data of gauges maintenance and calibration. The user receives alerts by e mail about gauges calibration both due and overdue. Achieve more control over this area, which is often neglected .