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Why Cloud Computing Solutions ?

Reduced cost of IT infrastructure

In cloud solutions, servers are in cloud and users do not need to have high end servers or software. Cloud solutions need only a computer and internet connection. With this, users are relieved from investment in IT infrastructure and associated annual maintenance cost. Cloud solutions can be used only with a nominal annual cost.

As the IT infrastructure is cloud, users also save on skilled human resources required for maintenance of this infrastructure.


IT resources in cloud are available to fulfil your needs as they arise. Depending on your requirements and priorities you can scale up or scale down the IT resources in cloud.

Data Security

Disaster recovery is always the top priority for any business whether a small or a big. But often the small businesses are far behind because of lack of resources and expertise. With networked backup provisions in cloud systems, users are relieved about system failures or data losses. In cloud system data is secured than never before.

Automatic Updates

Normally for an in premise software, whenever a new version is released by the developer, users need to buy a license for the new version as well. But with software's in cloud, users receive free automatic updates whenever server and associated software's are updated. Another big saving on making latest computing technology available to you.

Improved Collaboration

Biggest benefits of cloud computing is that, it enables team collaboration for local and remote teams in real time. With enterprise cloud solutions, even a collaboration and information flow can happen with multiple teams of partner organizations as all stake holder use same cloud resources of server, software and database.

Benefits from wider community collaboration

As cloud solutions are developed keeping in view of standards and practices of different countries and organizations in those countries, users benefit from wider community knowledge and their business becomes ready to embrace opportunities across globe.

Immediate Deployment

Cloud solutions are available for immediate use and can be rapidly deployed. This eliminates the long development and implementation periods involved in traditional application, installation and implementation. This means with out any investment in IT resources and application your business becomes at par with all players or even get a competitive edge in no time.

Anywhere anytime availability

Cloud solutions are operated over internet which makes them available anywhere and anytime. Stake holders stay updated and use the system as they move from one location to another.

Grow your business, Forget IT systems

With cloud solutions you are relieved of all issues and worries relating to IT infrastructure, skilled manpower, maintenance of IT systems, staying in tune with the latest technology, new updates & versions, rapid deployment etc. You are now free to focus on your core business and achieve your growth targets.